Just ‘man up’ and deal with it?

The goal of Whirlwind is to enable men to positively embrace their mental health through the sharing of stories.

These are stories of hope that we hope will inspire others who are going through a rough patch in their lives.


It’s OK to not feel OK

Money, work stress, relationships, addiction… There are a heap of challenges facing regular men.

But nobody should be expected to battle through life without some help.

Whirlwind focus on men’s mental health because men are typically reluctant to ask for help when they really need it.

Our goal is to enable men to positively embrace their mental health through the sharing of stories.

Tell your story. You’re not the only one.

It’s tough when it seems like you’re the only person you know who feels down and out. Sometimes, the most helpful thing can be knowing that you’re really not alone in the struggle.

Whirlwind stories are honest accounts from real men who have faced dark times in their lives. Men who want to share their stories in the hope that it may help someone in a similar situation.


Connect with other men

Fishing, walking, bike riding… Whatever it is, find a reason to spend time with other men and find the strength to speak to them about how you’re actually feeling. Whirlwind offer support through regular events and Facebook groups.

Get in contact with us and we’ll help you find the support you need.


It is OK for you to ask for help

Reaching out for a bit of help when you need it doesn’t make you soft or weak. Far from it!

Find the strength to take that first step and ask someone around you for help.