412, 2016

The Day My Life Changed Forever

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The Day My Life Changed Forever

My name is Paul Lynch and this the brief version of what led me here.

My family have been on the Kapiti Coast since the late 1800s when Captain Henry Lynch was gifted land to farm by the crown for his services in the Maori wars.

That farm was Emerald Glen which […]

1410, 2016

I need more help We all need more help The system needs more help!

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Dave’s Story
Why can’t I get funding for the support I need but my friend who had an accident through an activity of her choice can?

I had first been diagnosed with clinical depression 16 years ago. It was stress & anxiety that had got out of control & not having the mental tools to cope, that […]

3008, 2016

Family Support

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Whanau (family) strength
Love is a verb – supporting depression with love and strength
Jordan is a fantastic young man who battles with depression.

Tai, Jordan’s sister got in touch with Whirlwind asking to buy a Whirlwind hoodie to wear and demonstrate pride in his ability to stand up to this depression and also to signify the love […]

2810, 2015

Brick Wall

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Hitting the Brick Wall
Simon’s Story
On the 19th of September, I turned 59 and hit a brick wall.  I suddenly felt old.  My body is slowly but surely falling to bits and I had a dose of the “why fucking bother.”  My self-worth, which hasn’t been high for a considerable time now, dropped to zero and […]

2508, 2015

Music & dance for recovery from depression

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2707, 2015

Small Steps Gaining Confidence

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Small Steps Gaining Confidence
Shaun’s Story

In 1999 I was working as a Mental Health Nurse. I had a 17 year marriage, kids, mortgage, car. An average life, you might say. Everything to live for.

But then I had an overwhelming urge to make a suicide attempt! Everything rapidly spiralled down in my mind and I actively tried to […]

2507, 2015

Somehow Different

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Somehow Different
Charlie’s Story
The interview of a man who felt his whole life that he was somehow different, but never quite knowing why. Then the battle of understanding and living his label.

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1507, 2015

Making a Difference

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Making a Difference
Michael’s Story
The story of a man who through his own experience of having premature twins became hugely involved in making a difference for others going through similar journeys.

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607, 2015

Michael’s Story

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Life is better than a can of cold baked beans
As I write this sitting on a tropical Island in Tonga under a coconut palm in the South Pacific, I look out to see my beautiful wife and my twin boys Blake and Max playing in the crystal clear lagoon.

It takes me back almost eight years […]

107, 2015

Tamihana’s Story

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Tamihana’s Story
The story of one man’s battle in living with and overcoming crippling depression.

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