1503, 2015

Young Bill’s Story

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This is Bill Tucker, or Young Bill as he was once known – which sounds strange considering he turns 91 this year.

Bill lost his father when he was 7, a week before the Hawke’s Bay earthquake. Two monumental traumas in a space of days. “Traumas” is a word I’d use, Bill’s expression would be something […]

103, 2015

Brian’s Story

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Brian Phillips. Born in Kilbirnie, attended Lyall Bay school, and decided that he wasn’t going to be a diplomat or a scholar, he went to Wellington Tech for 3 years. Interested in the practical things in life, he enjoyed the woodwork and metalwork, largely because other school work was something of a struggle. Friends are […]

2502, 2015

Vic’s Story

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1502, 2015

Jack’s Story

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Jack Cursons is a proud Kiwi lad.
Born in Wellington to British parents in 1920, Jack was a promising and talented inside centre in his youth, playing for the Rongotai College first 15. Rugby was, and has always remained Jack’s real passion and his enthusiasm for the game is infectious. At 16, Jack joined the Royal […]

102, 2015

Roger’s Story

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The first thing you notice when you meet Roger Carter for the first time is that he has a wooden leg. And that he’s old. But it becomes abundantly clear that to define Roger by his disability would be both ignorant and short-sighted. Roger is much, much more than an old-boy with a peg leg, […]

2501, 2015

Jeremy’s Story

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Whirlwind Radio – Jeremy Eparaima’s Story by Whirlwindstories on Mixcloud

2001, 2015

Trevor’s Story

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Now 93 years of age, Wellington born Trevor Gollins and his older brother Graham (who would go on to fly Supermarine Spitfires in WWII) were the 5th generation of his family to have lived in Oriental Bay, his great-great-grandparents having been amongst the very first settlers.

Trevor recalls his childhood with fondness. Growing up as part […]

501, 2015

Martin’s Story

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I’m 42, looking nervously at 43 later this year. I have a job that pays less than the one I had 10, maybe even 15 years ago. My car is is 10 years old, compared to the brand new company cars I used to drive for much of my previous career. My clothes are often […]

1512, 2014

Ryan’s Story

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When I was trying to get my music career off the ground in London, a good friend of mine diagnosed my problem: I had no story. I was your everyday bloke with nothing to really say for myself. No addictions, no convictions, no point of interest.

Well, this is the very brief story of a man […]

112, 2014

John’s Story

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I couldn’t believe my life had come to this, sitting in a mall alone drinking hot coffee just to be around people, just to feel human, experience a little of their normality snippets of conversations, watching people shop, the simple look on people’s faces it seemed ridiculous but knowing just that little amount of company […]