Whanau (family) strength

Love is a verb – supporting depression with love and strength

Jordan is a fantastic young man who battles with depression.

Tai, Jordan’s sister got in touch with Whirlwind asking to buy a Whirlwind hoodie to wear and demonstrate pride in his ability to stand up to this depression and also to signify the love and family support that they have for him. Whirlwind was able to offer not only a hoodie for Jordan, but also one for Tai and T shirts for his other family members. Jordan at 17 years of age already has developed a desire to help others younger than himself and does what he can to grow and learn despite his ongoing battles.

This is a story strength, love and courage.

It takes great strength and courage to come and shake the hand of stranger and do something that you know to be instinctively right – despite the demons in your head.

Meeting this family it became clear of the immense love that they have for Jordan and indeed each other.

“We argue as to who loves him the most”.

The joy of this is the manifestation of that love. They talk, listen and motivate each other to support and progress. And when an arse needs to be kicked then that happens too.

That’s love.IMG_4191 - Copy20160830_121954