412, 2016

The Day My Life Changed Forever

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The Day My Life Changed Forever

My name is Paul Lynch and this the brief version of what led me here.

My family have been on the Kapiti Coast since the late 1800s when Captain Henry Lynch was gifted land to farm by the crown for his services in the Maori wars.

That farm was Emerald Glen which […]

1410, 2016

I need more help We all need more help The system needs more help!

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Dave’s Story
Why can’t I get funding for the support I need but my friend who had an accident through an activity of her choice can?

I had first been diagnosed with clinical depression 16 years ago. It was stress & anxiety that had got out of control & not having the mental tools to cope, that […]

2509, 2016

The Night Before

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A short writing about the day before, made the evening after.
I get nervous before a job. I retreat into myself and run over all the possibilities, both those based on rational and irrational worries. There’s always been plenty of irrational worries. Once I would have stirred this pot on a low flame with a few […]

3008, 2016

Family Support

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Whanau (family) strength
Love is a verb – supporting depression with love and strength
Jordan is a fantastic young man who battles with depression.

Tai, Jordan’s sister got in touch with Whirlwind asking to buy a Whirlwind hoodie to wear and demonstrate pride in his ability to stand up to this depression and also to signify the love […]

203, 2016

Why Whirlwind Matters

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Why Whirlwind Matters
This is a short video that illustrates quite powerfully the importance of Whirlwind to it’s members.

2810, 2015

Brick Wall

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Hitting the Brick Wall
Simon’s Story
On the 19th of September, I turned 59 and hit a brick wall.  I suddenly felt old.  My body is slowly but surely falling to bits and I had a dose of the “why fucking bother.”  My self-worth, which hasn’t been high for a considerable time now, dropped to zero and […]

1310, 2015

Glass Half Full

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Glass Half Full
Robert’s Story
Twelve months ago, almost to the day, I was sat in a homeless hostel mid meltdown wondering whether to take a meat cleaver to the door of my neighbour who had one song on constant repeat at street-level volume, or to myself. I needed to be as far away from the human race as physically […]

210, 2015

Whirlwind Wellington is Go!

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Whirlwind Wellington will host monthly meetings for men to come and share time, stories, laughter and troubles with other likeminded blokes. All comers are welcome – there is only one rule: leave the bullshit at the door.

Level 1, 28 Courtenay Place

Wednesday the 7th of October

(and every first Wednesday […]

809, 2015

The amazing effects of music on the brain.

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2508, 2015

Music & dance for recovery from depression

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